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The PM’s wife#9733;

JULIET Landell knew the moment she was approached by her high school sweetheart Andrew Holness that she would end up being a politician’s wife. For that was made clear by the young, tall, dashing and confident Holness in a proposal of sorts to her while they were both students at the University of the West Indies (UWI).
“I recall he told me one day on campus ‘you are going to be my wife and I intend to serve in political life, you must choose now if you are able to take on this life because serving my country is important to me’,” the wife of Jamaica’s ninth and youngest prime minister told the Sunday Observer. “He was very clear on his professional goals from early.

My favorite Question:

Q: A number of women go after men in power, how do you deal with women who may try to get involved with your husband?
A: I don’t mind that women will find my husband attractive. He is a wonderful man and I am actually honoured when others find him attractive — he is very loving, very affectionate, very jovial, very good looking — and I know that some women would really love to have a partner like mine. But when all is said and done, even though persons would want to gravitate towards him, I know he understands that his commitment with me is what comes first and foremost, and I believe in a relationship with one man, one woman. And he knows that. Having one partner is important to me and it is equally important to him. And because we both believe that God has made us equal then we do share similar views where that is concerned.

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