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And the Winners are…

My first ever blog contest is over and the winners have been chosen randomly using the “And the Winner is…” WordPress plugin, check it out if you want to run a competition over at your blog.

So, without further ado…the Winners are:

Sir. Michael, His Comment: “People say I’m addicted to my Blackberry but I’m not, I’m addicted to the people in connects me to and thats why I love it.”

Tonian Lindo, Her Comment: “I love my Blackberry because it keeps me connected on the go to friends and family anywhere in the world through RIM’s native BlackBerry Messenger at a set cost per month.”

Jovan, His Comment: ” I love my Blackberry because it makes me seem like the most efficient civil servant Barbados has ever seen.”

Tonaya, Her Comment: “I love my blackberry because it is cute, trendy, and up to date, yet it is functional, efficient, and easy to use I save A LOT of money buying phonecards, almost all of my friends have a blackberry so i jus PING PING PING :)”

Marcus Bird, His Comment: “????????????????????(^_^)”

Kasense, Her Comment: ” Easy to use, fastest and cheapest way to communicate plus allows me to organize and store important files for school or work 🙂 and that’s why i love my blackberry ”

I will be contacting all of you for some information soon.

Thanks to everyone who entered, What will I give away next? We’ll see!

Written by Gordon Swaby

Gordon Swaby

Founder and CEO of social learning service EduFocal.com. I’m passionate about technology, the internet and the use of technology in education. I am a recipient of Governor General’s Youth Award, the PSOJ’s 50 Under 50 Award, The commonwealth Youth Award and many others.

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