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The Top 10 posts on GordonSwaby.com for 2010

In 2010 i started to take my blog and writing more seriously. A lot happened, alas my memory sucks so i won’t try and remember the finer details. World Cup was in 2010 right? or was it 2009? Anyway, i guess i’ll add that to my 2011 resolution. Document, everything. Evernote i’m looking in your direction.

In order of highest traffic to least:

#1 Digicel and its indifference to Customers:

Digicel; that cool Irish telecommunications operator that rescued Jamaicans from the clutches of the Monopoly at the time Cable and Wireless Jamaica, circa 2001 ( Now LIME Jamaica) , has apparently grown tremendously over a short period of time and is supposedly too big to value one disgruntled customer (disgruntled, for good reason).

#2 Online resources to keep abreast of situation in Jamaica ( Dudus):

At no point in time has Jamaica been able to utilize Social Media as it is now. People are exchanging information via Twitter, Facebook and other social utilities to quickly and effectively disseminate information to each other where conventional media has clearly fallen short.

#3 Digicel Jamaica, Doing with the Internet what they did with Mobile

The only reason this post has this title is because i had it in my drafts and i couldn’t be bothered to change it. Let’s say if i didn’t start writing this post already while fully knowing about the hell I’d have to go through this morning; the title may have been “Digicel’s Failed 4G Launch”, but anyway; i digress.

#4 The 10 Day Challenge.

On March 3,2010 @ 7:21 PM I disabled both my Facebook and twitter account. Why? no other reason but to challenge myself. Challenge myself by taking away things that provide solace for me.

#5 Jamaica’s first “Bloggers Meetup” by the Jamaica Tourist Board, Day 1

Over 20+ bloggers/writers from the United States converged on Jamaican soil yesterday afternoon to “Experience Jamaica” for the next 5 days; a first for the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB). To make this experience even more memorable a team of Jamaican bloggers were invited by the JTB to compliment the assembly of bloggers/writers to ensure the Jamaican experience was as authentic as possible.

#6 So, you want to be an Entrepreneur? Or Maybe Not

We’re in a time (In Jamaica and around the world) where economies are begging for entrepreneurs, risk-takers or “Linch-Pins” as the great Seth Godin calls them, just turn on your TV, it’s the new buzz word, entrepreneur, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship.

#7 Blackberry Go Bye-Bye

Now, i have my reservations about the Bible, but that one verse was pretty potent. My Blackberry was my right hand and it was causing me great pain ( Way to take the Lord’s word literally eh?) . Crappy battery life, non functional keys, and a plethora of other issues. Now, I can’t recall it leaving my hand and making contact with the wall, but it happened and it happened fast, Jesus guided my hand maybe?

#8 I’m an analytics monkey, get Clicky!

I’m not writing this post because Clicky Web Analytics is providing monetary incentive–because to be honest it’s really not much. I’m writing this because i actually love them.

#9 Common Sense Foursquare Tips

And all the other Location based apps…I apologize for the title in advance, because if it was common sense i really wouldn’t need to be writing this post now would i? Many Jamaicans seem to be catching on to foursquare, but many do not realize how unsafe it can be. Here’s a few tips that I’m sure will be beneficial to and your friends:

#10 JTB Bloggers Meetup Post Roundup

It has been approximately 2 weeks since the Bloggers Meetup in Montego Bay and the euphoria from being on the trip has just about died. Though many (hint: Stunner) found it hard to “integrate” themselves back into so-called real life, it was inevitable ; now it’s no longer euphoria, but instead, nostalgia; nostalgic about experiencing such an amazing meet up and becoming acquainted with so many cool people.

Written by Gordon Swaby

Gordon Swaby

Founder and CEO of social learning service EduFocal.com. I’m passionate about technology, the internet and the use of technology in education. I am a recipient of Governor General’s Youth Award, the PSOJ’s 50 Under 50 Award, The commonwealth Youth Award and many others.

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  • http://www.jamaipanese.com Jamaipanese

    awesome post round-up, all of them are worth reading! Keep it up in 2011!

    • http://gordonswaby.com Gordon Swaby

      Thanks Jamaipanese!

  • Ms. Smith

    I read it! think about sum other events that happened in 2010 n sum dem up n continue i dare u to reach 100. Not bad so far

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