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An ode to my Parents

This post’s original purpose was supposed to be an ode to my dear mother, as she’s celebrating her birthday on the 10th of December, but then I thought, why not an ode to them both? I’m sure Mother dearest doesn’t mind sharing the love. So let’s start the with Matriarch shall we:

An ode to my Mother:

Taking care of yourself is very hard, I started to realize that fact after moving to Kingston; after finally figuring that out, I think I started to appreciate you and your role as a Mother more. Being a successful entrepreneur, a fearless mother and a model wife, well that’s something…not something many women can pull off.Ā  How you manage to raise three children is beyond me, especially me; I know fully well that I am more than a handful to raise. You’re a Queen among women Mom and I love you.

An ode to my Father:

Dear ol’ Dad, if you were not a stubborn man you would have probably given up on me, but you didn’t and as a result you had me saying “I hate you” a lot growing up, but you knew better. I never took school seriously, I remember the teachers always writing on my report: “Gordon has potential” that’sĀ  teacher euphemism for “There’s no hope for this guy”.

I recall constantly getting into fights and you always bailing me out, I also remember you always taking those knives that I felt the need to buy and walk around with, which could have possibly landed me into bigger problems. I could go on and on about the great deal of headaches I caused you, but alas! Without you I would have been a totally different person in a totally different place, or maybe even dead.

Thank you for guiding me through my rebellious childhood phase Daddy, love you!

Everything I am, and everything I will become I owe to my parents, they complement each other and they complete me. They were brought together for a reason, because no one person could handle raising me.

Mom and Dad

Written by Gordon Swaby

Gordon Swaby

Founder and CEO of social learning service EduFocal.com. I’m passionate about technology, the internet and the use of technology in education. I am a recipient of Governor General’s Youth Award, the PSOJ’s 50 Under 50 Award, The commonwealth Youth Award and many others.

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  • http://www.jamaipanese.com Jamaipanese

    *sob* *cry* *whimper* this.. is so… beautiful. Welcome to adulthood my friend you are mature beyond your years.

    • http://gordonswaby.com Gordon Swaby

      Hahaha, thanks!

  • Veneb2

    Thanks son! It is great that you can express yourself so freely and have found virtue in all our doings. We are equally proud of you! Love You!

    • http://gordonswaby.com Gordon Swaby

      You’re welcome šŸ™‚

  • http://cucumberjuice.wordpress.com/ cucumberjuice

    This is a lovely post, Gordon…and quite unexpected coming from you! Hope your parents are proud of the young man they have raised šŸ™‚

  • http://www.mamachel.com mamachel

    Love ! Love ! Love this post.. You know my sentimental ass got teary eyed…lol. I’m glad your dad stuck to it šŸ˜€

  • NickMack

    I love this post Gordon! It’s a warm, loving post showing gratitude for the people who helped shape you into the man you’ve become. I hope you share this with them!

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