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R.I.P Pia Phillips, The World just became a bit more dull

I’m here trying to justify some of the murders that take place in Jamaica [ Maybe the person was bad, maybe they deserved it, maybe they…*sighs*]. But in all honesty, there’s nothing that can justify death, there’s nothing that can justify the death of Immaculate Conception High’s Head Girl (Pia Phillips). Trying to explain the death makes me feel somewhat sane, an accepted state of mind…safer, knowing I’m on the right so nobody would have any plausible reason to harm me.

I’m at the point in my life where my empathy is being exhausted, it’s hard to care, not because i don’t want to, but because when i hurt, i hurt really bad, and that’s a feeling I’ve become quite familiar with over the years. The only solace the Jamaican populace has right now is to Turn to God, hoping he’ll punish whoever executed such horrendous deeds, but is that enough…is it really?

Below are some of the sentiments expressed on her page:

PIa ur were like a sista..jah knw star…:'( yow…URS AN ANGLE * GOD”S CHILD* I LUV u SIS….y they tek u like dis…WHO DO THIS!!! tehy have no heart.

on her bday she passed away
she turned 18 then that was it
its as if she was onli to go this far and no more… AII boi
its in GOD’s hands so we ahve to trust him

It’s a really sad and empty feeling..the direction in which our country Jamaica is headed; when someone asks me if it’s safe her…can i genuinely tell them YES?

Nothing in this world to smile about…  I bet you had no idea you’d die on your birthday; i wonder if i’ll die on mine.

Written by Gordon Swaby

Gordon Swaby

Founder and CEO of social learning service EduFocal.com. I’m passionate about technology, the internet and the use of technology in education. I am a recipient of Governor General’s Youth Award, the PSOJ’s 50 Under 50 Award, The commonwealth Youth Award and many others.

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  • Rani

    'we kno not the day or the hour….

  • Sean

    Wow…It's just… *sigh*

  • Shawnna

    Once again another life is taken without rhyme nor reason…
    It is said that God doesnt sleep, but it's time like this make me wonder. I've witnessed so much death in my short years on this earth that I too must sit back and attempt to make sense of it all in order to retain what little sanity I do have left.

    My heart goes out to her family, and I only hope that they may find peace.


  • Shawnna

    So I just got this message from our graduates group Re: Pia

    Ok So according to the 6am news on RJR the previous reports were false. Pia & other family members were held up at which point they raised an alarm and ran. Her father, hearing them scream, rushed out with his licensed firearm but slipped and fell causing the gun to accidentally go off, hitting Pia. She is alive but in critical condition at the hospital.

    • http://gordonswaby.com Gordon Swaby

      I'm hearing that she's dead, and I'm hearing that she's in critical condition. What i want to hear is that she's in stable condition if anything else

      • J.W

        she's dead …… she died about 1 and half hours after surgery…

  • Shawnna

  • J.W

    PIA PHILLIPS wow a character …. a bright and sensational personality a beautiful person on the inside and out …. somewhat of guru lol crazy and sane all at once never was ashame of who she was …. the perfect example of an immaculate girl ….. encourage and loving this girl helped me to boost my confidence ….. i luv PIA God bless your soul

  • willi-whitz

    the best head girl ………omg. she is so nice..why???? thats all i have to say …why??????

  • sasha strachan

    jah kno star Pia..jus day b4 yesterday me hail u…an angel has been taken away frm da I.C.H.S skool body!!! *tears*….u were a blessing…u brought onli positivity to those to evry1 who knew u…cnt bleve tht ur really gone…skool not gunna b da same…BEST HEAD GIRL IMMAC EVER HAD….P.I.P Ms.Phillips

  • Vanessa

    never know her personally, but did bio n chem extras wid her…n shi was a really nice n humble person.. RIP Pia.. condolences to The Phillip's Family and the Immac Family

  • April

    boy when i go to shcool tomorrow. there ill be mouring. Siater angella and the entire school family all feel it bad. Hope you rest in peace Pia. God bless you and family

  • Tahnee

    This makes me kinda scared to go back home to Jamaica enuh…..I feel it star…a wah gwaan wid ma country yow! raging sorrow and anger star…”di yutes dem gone astray.” God Bless Her Soul….tears.

  • Roxanne

    I am still in awe. I remember Pia from School of Drama way back in the day. She was way younger than me but she had such an infectious spirit. My heart goes out to her father, mother and brother. The news broke my heart. She was such a lovely girl and would have have been an even greater adult. May God guide the family and heal their broken souls.

  • Fahnie Shaw

    I am Pia's sister-in-law through marriage, I married her older brother Atiba and I had the pleasure of knowing her for 10 years. For those of you that know her through school, stay encouraged, stay strong, stay positive, and in prayer.
    Pia was immaculate in every way. She even inspired me to do better and to be more, and I know I am ambitious-she had “IT” ! Even though her time was short lived, she had a great life, a loving family, she traveled the world, she LIVED-Boldly !!
    A beautiful voice, a fearless presence, a beautiful young lady inside and out. SMART and most of all she loved GOD and she had character! Many people live a lifetime and can never reach this level of achievement …Pia lives on through us because she was an example of how all of us either young or old should live and should want to be remembered.

  • Robyn R

    pia to da flipin rreerrrllll onli GOD noes y stuff like this takes place i yhink it was for da best for he is neva wrong suh i'll neva doubt him

  • ChanZ

    R.I.P. u'll be missed….*sigh* i cant belive dis.

  • Ashley Webby

    i cant belive this on friday she jus hit ma=e and seh tunk in ur shirt and now she gone!!!!!!!!!!!! and she is jus 18 wow jamaica mekin me friad to leave me house man!! RIP PIA we will miss you no doubt about it you were a good head girl…

  • KiMz

    omg i cant believe she is gone….itz so sad..best head girl immac has ever seen..pia u will be missed by all…HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY cant believe u didnt even make it a day afta…lyf is so sad and unfair persons who deserve 2 die lives n kills innocent ppl… :_( itz so sad:(

  • Shanique

    Pia u were truly a real person and you will be deeply missed. A person as honest and as kind as you didn't deserve to die so yung. Love U Pia.

  • Vanessa McBean

    up to now i just can't believe it..i don't want to believe it.. Pia was such an inspiration to all she came in contact with and had made such an impact on the immac family. she was our best head girl no doubt . happy belated bday Pia.. i know ur with God…ur our guardian angel. going bk to school knowing that i will never be able to have a convo with her is just……
    y her? she has never done anything bad..always helping others..always smiling…never been fake, just herself. ur not even safe at ur own house. wth is jamaica coming to?
    my heart and prayers go out to her family. they don't deserve this one bit!!

  • Ashakai

    Pia and i grew up togther. From nursery to prep to high n kno one of my best friends in this world was taken from me. Kno who can justify that no one i mean a senseless killing. I am so hurt. rest in piece my love

  • jodi

    pia you will always have a place in my heart. it was just yesterday that you were at mine and ashakai sweet 16. the times we share from since we did born, by all means you were more than just a bestfriend you were family. and for that i will never forget you. your safe now in gods hands

  • P

    Wasn't her bday yesterday?

    • P

      Wow this is shocking…

      • P

        She didn't die on her bday…poor girl. Only an accident too, from what i know.

  • Danielle Kelly

    Jah kno star….a cyah believe is jus Friday Pia did a bad me up fi come Quad wid her “….an mek sure wen u come u send me a birtday shout out…….OR ELSE….”
    Gettin ready to go to Quad last night an a got a phone call….the last thing i expected to hear was exactly wat u was told. 'Pia got shot an she's at UWI hospital'

    Right away my friend Tami(was sleepin over[her mom is a doc at the same hospital]) was planning on how to get there as fast as possible….she called her mom and was told that Pia has been stabilized…..all shoulders fell and a peace of mind was regained once more….only for her phone to ring again…..i had a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach…..she answered the phone and started to cry….Pia's dead!!

    Tales are being told of her death and honestly….i'm not one to say but however it went down…..she didn't deserve this kind of death.

    Pia….our falling soldier…..u were stong….and ur path was well lit with success….
    someone once told me 'everything happens for a reason(not necessarily a good reason)….i'll continue to pray for ur family…..friends and loved on.
    May ur soul Rest In Peace!!

  • Ramone Gordon

    For a girl who was just 18 she really impact alot of lives. Whether you werre in her year or not you knew who she was. You were taken 2 soon but u really made an impact before u left…what a way to go out. you will be missed by many.

  • Vanessa Metzger

    A Tribute to Pia Phillips

    Gone too soon your bright smile was stolen
    So many of your words were left unspoken
    In grief you've left the ones who hold you dear
    The loss of such a great person has left us in despair.
    Our tears, they fall like torrents of rain
    Blinding our sight and riddling us with pain
    we blindly search for an explanation – a reason
    for why you were taken so early in life's season
    We'll never forget your intoxicating laughter
    As we turn new pages to enter a new chapter
    You've left us – your friends alone in the dark
    But your memory will remain etched in our hearts

    Gone too soon your life has faded
    you were one of the best persons God ever created
    the earth was robbed of what you had to give
    But we'll never forget the life you have lived
    So many lives will be left untouched
    Pia, we miss you so much
    You were a part of our lives – our souls
    With you gone we are no longer whole
    We want to reach out –
    To scream but we have no voice left to shout
    Too soon have you left us behind
    The tapes of our minds now stuck on rewind
    The answer to our burning question we cannot find.
    You've left us falling, still not landing
    Caught between the heaven and earth now we are demanding
    The return of the one that was too early taken
    This tragedy has left our lives upturned and shaken.

    Pia, you were a rare and priceless pearl
    So amazing… you were a beautiful girl
    You've touched our lives deeply – its true
    For the gift of your life we want to say thank you
    We remember each moment each second that was spent
    And we give God thanks for the life that He lent
    Thank you Lord for lending us your angel so pure
    And for our sorrows please lend us a cure
    Let us not cry about all the words left unsaid
    But help us to look back on her life in happiness instead.

    Rest in Peace Pia.
    We love you dearly and miss you completely.
    Immaculate will not be the same without our best Head girl…
    OUR LIVES will not be the same without ONE OF THE BEST GIRLS.
    You were truly a Phenomenal Woman.
    Watch over us.

    • http://gordonswaby.com Gordon Swaby

      Such a wonderful tribute, that came from the heart:)

  • http://ruthibelle.blogspot.com ruthibelle

    I dont even know what to say. I honestly dont. This news is just too common… tooo too common.

  • Natasha

    Pia you are miss but guess what your spirit lives on. You will be remembered and always be in our hearts. Your passing is sudden but God knows best. RIP

  • http://taylor2nd.animesynergy.com taylor2nd

    Bwoy this is clearly the saddest thing ever… i feel it for the dad. him gonna have to live with that for ever. I hope the mom doesn't detest him for it. cuz resentment in humans is a natural thing. even though he was trying to save the daughter at the end of the day it was he that took her life. i just hope him dont do anything drastic. yeah suicide came to thought as a way out. They need to keep a close eye on him.. councel him and the mom too..

    • Dainty

      Yea, that's the same thing was saying this morning when I heard. I think the family is gonna need constant counseling as this will tear them apart considering the way she died. Even with the best of intentions it may be the most natural thing for the mother to blame him. I really pray for them though to keep together in this as they will and do need each other. Death is something I can never ever get used to dealing with but its reality. All the best for them.

      • http://taylor2nd.animesynergy.com taylor2nd

        mhmm.. and some think I'm drastic for saying she'll blame him… good to know someone gets what I'm saying.

  • Zj Sparks

    As a God I had never heard Gordon's voice before and the first time I heard it all I could express was how numb I was. I still am. I have not even stopped to ask why her? All mi can memba a Pia ah seh 'yow Tricia mi can sing' and always full a life. Intelligent and a factory full a chips. When someone who makes a positive contribution to society is wiped from physical existence it bores through your soul faster than ashes blown in the wind. I can never forget this. NEVER. Zj Sparsk

  • Khalia

    Pia is undescribable she was jus so awesome we miss u luv ya girl RIP Pia

  • samba

    my prayers are with the parents. i do not know Pia or parents, i am a parent myself and you family have been placed before the prayer band at church and we know it is not going to be easy but we serve a god who said blessed or happy are they that mourn for they shall be conforted. God will see you through

    class mates, hold on cherish those moments in your hearts and keep her spirit alive

  • Jody-Ann

    Words at this point seem like trash- utterly useless. I can't rationalize a thing 'cuz I simply can't fathom what goes on in a mind like the one of this person who initiated that tragedy. I can't understand because it can't be understood. I'd want to damn those asses to hell, but it isn't my place. I can only hope that one day they don't just die, but are made to suffer through real and terrible pain… a pain like the one(s) they've caused, because death just seems too easy an out. Their punishment should be to be relieved of their numbness. Fire-up and oversensitize those sensors and receptors— make them FEEL. That I think would be as close to an ideal punishment as we can get- to burden them with the harvest of loss and suffering , of confusion, hurt and pain from the wicked seeds that they sow.
    Maybe I too am wicked…

  • http://stunner101.blogspot.com/ Stunner

    This bit of news was so sad. The circumstances even made the story hard to swallow. So young, so beautiful, yet gone.

  • http://mythoughtsonstuff.com Leon

    My God. She was beautiful. It doesn't strike you so much when it's just a name, but the picture really brings it home. R.I.P my dear.

  • C

    its so sad
    i miss u pia
    i hate having to look at your empty desk beside me at school each day
    watch over me my angel
    n keep me safe

  • amashae dillon

    it's so sad that the lord took you so early

  • kevar

    pia me love you o'so badlily!!!!! you will always be my #1 . i love you may your soul rest in peace…..ad astra per aspera.

  • kevar

    pia me love you o'so badlily!!!!! you will always be my #1 . i love you may your soul rest in peace…..ad astra per aspera.

  • Yuhzimi

    I didn’t know Pia, only got to know about her as a result of this tragedy. But I haven’t forgotten. I can’t believe that it’s over 2 years now. I’m praying for her parents, her sibling(s), her friends and the remainder of her family. All now the tears still come, and if I’m still crying, I can’t imagine what it must be like for the rest of you all. RIP Pia. God knows.

  • da raphael

    Just seeing this story, but it eerily similar to the way my girlfriend was shot and killed at her gateway 16 years ago. I would find out Empathy and sympathy are very light in Jamaica, much less more complex things like justice and honor. A couple years ago i was telling a bunch of cops that they have not been up to the task, and a couple of them actually laughed when I told them about that incident, which was partly due to a cop at that.

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