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Criminals: “I Want to die, Me, Me, Me”

Killing our criminals is such a nice thing to do. Heck, we’re doing them a favor. After all their not that bad right? killing our children, raping our women, creating havoc at every turn, that’s not really all that bad is it? I’m one of those naysayers about capital punishment.  To be frank, i think this incentive ( Yes, that’s what it is, an incentive for criminals, “I don’t like my life so I’m willing to go) is what criminals are looking for. I’ve heard time and time before criminals uttering words like “I prefer to lose my life, than to end up in prison”, losing there life seems to be the preferred choice so i should think we’ll be doing them a favor by hanging them.

What i think will happen is that criminals will get far more vicious; they know they’re going to die or get caught sooner or later so there’s this heightened level of indifference on there part, causing them to commit even more heinous acts without any regret or remorse whatsoever. A criminal’s only resolve is the inevitable death they’ll face (by whatever means, it’s like crossing a road without looking left or right, hoping you’ll get hit), whether it be death by the police, or death by hanging.

I always say, never object to an idea unless you have a suitable alternative, so here’s my alternative to hanging:

Let’s NOT be nice to these criminals. Let’s put them to work. I say we put iron collars around their neck, that will shock them( not kill, but they’ll feel excruciating pain if they try to remove it) let’s plant GPS trackers into their skin and set them to work, let’s dress them in pink prison garments and set them to work all day with only one meal. Let them clean this country, clean the gutters, weed the grass, plant trees etc. And when they finally die of exhaustion because of ill treatment, we’ll be satisfied that they contributed to the welfare of the country before they died, and what better way to reward them for their “hard” work than to dig a nice big hole to throw them in when they die.

But, sadly this is all wishful thinking, the Criminal Human rights advocates would be all over this like flies on feces, but who cares? I’m sure we could get them to shut up, after all it’s for the betterment of the country and as a group people have power .

Yes, this will cost money, but it would be worth it, the country would definitely grow. Hanging is like a bad road needing an urgent fix, you find cheap methods of fixing it, but the road will only last so long and you end up spending more to fix it again( and this process is repeated without any substantial benefit), why not invest time and good money to make it a wonderful solid road to drive on?

“No Wait! This is all to barbaric, the aforementioned idea is horrible, how could you think such a thing Gordon!…” As if the criminals aren’t barbaric.

Keep safe my fellow Jamaicans.

Written by Gordon Swaby

Gordon Swaby

Founder and CEO of social learning service EduFocal.com. I’m passionate about technology, the internet and the use of technology in education. I am a recipient of Governor General’s Youth Award, the PSOJ’s 50 Under 50 Award, The commonwealth Youth Award and many others.

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  • http://mythoughtsonstuff.com Leon

    Well I'm all for hanging. Don't bash it 'til you try it.

  • http://stunner101.blogspot.com/ Stunner

    As long as the justice system works, then they can go ahead with capital punishment. But with a justice system as faulty as ours, it's a bit worrying that they will resume the death penalty.

  • http://gordonswaby.com Gordon Swaby

    Ian Boyne wrote a brilliant article re it today you should all read

  • criminal killer

    All criminals should just be shot in the head

  • http://www.ezbusinessneeds.com/singapore-internet-marketing/ Internet Marketing

    I like the idea of dress them in pink prison garments. Anyway everybody does have a choice whether it's good or bad is still their choices. No body wanna commit a crime when they're not desperate about something. ex like…money, love, or even sex.. The point is should give them a chance if they willing to change. ( i'm not taking about those sicko killing ppl ard..) Anyway , nice article. Thanks

  • http://www.club-penguin.org/ Club Penguin Cheats

    With a justice system as faulty as ours, it's a bit worrying that they will resume the death penalty.

  • http://www.club-penguine.org club penguine cheats

    With a justice system as faulty as ours, it's a bit worrying that they will resume the death penalty.

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