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There is no Solution to Jamaica’s Crime Problem…

Well there is a solution, but let’s face it…IT NAH GO HAPPEN. This whole optimistic approach towards crime isn’t going to work, we’re doomed. This so called “Crime Plan” isn’t going to change one thing, it’s much deeper than that…much deeper. As far as i see it…Jamaica’s doomed there is no hope, it’s all false hope.

I’m pretty sure if i get comments it’s going to be in the line of “Oh Gordon, have some faith” bla bla bla bullshit, no hope, no faith, no optimism. People should just rollover and die.

Written by Gordon Swaby

Gordon Swaby

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    Gordon,a very interesting,but not necessarily surprising or novel position on your part vis-a-vis the island’s crime problem.Admittedly,I have often disagreed with you regarding your pessimism,on some of the vexing social, political,and economic issues/maladies and pathologies confronting and challenging the Jamaican state and its beleaguered people.Concerning your current position,that there is(are)no solution(s)to the pervasive and ubiquitous crime problem.One is of the perspective that your position,or,stance on this specific issue is totally correct.Undoubtedly,and quite unfortunately,the so called war on crime and violence has been terribly and gravely lost by civil society and the law enforcement authorities.Irrespective of the cacaphonous rhetoric and vacuous platitudes being spewed by sundry political elites,while the Jamaican people,especially,those living and working in the so called death zones,or,enclaves of death, struggle to stay alive and not being brutally cut down,from the vicious and maniacal merchants of deaths, plying their illicit trade and activities of pillaging,plundering,robbery,savagery,barbarism and horrendous murders,of even women and children.Indeed,the empirical reality couched in the arithmetic of death demonstrably delineates that the war on crime and violence has been totally lost for a very long time and that Jamaica is being metarmophosed into one giant murderous hell hole or killing field,where anyone can be transformed into a duppy,anytime,anywhere,and anyplace.Although,many Jamaicans,such as myself,were hopefully optimistic,that there would be a change for the better with respect to the horrific monster of crime and violence.The gruesome and abonimable mathematics for the month of May approximates two hundred deaths.Totally incredulous,the horse has already gone through the barn gate/door,and it is increasingly and conspicuously apparent that all and sundry authorities fighting this war against crime and violence are totally lost, and caught in a fog of confusion as to the so called anatomy of crime,and violence and its prescribed remedies,despite,the numerous studies,plans,models and paradigms,supposedly,conducted to fight this lost war.Quite frankly,the terrorists have thrown down the gauntlet and the Rubicon have been passed.We in civil society are the big losers against this vicious,bloody and barbaric offensive being waged daily and arrogantly by the terrorists.Interestingly,one is of the perspective that the only time a real calculated and systematic offensive on the part of the political elites and law enforcement authorities will occur, is when the sundry tony residential areas,gated communities(uptown elite garrisons)are penetrated and breached by the terrorists and some of the very well to do, politically,socially,economically,culturally connected individuals underwriting these terrorists are viciously killed,in other words, the chickens coming home to roost, that the tipping point would have been reached or realized with regard to some sense or modicum of outrage against such acts of barbarism and savagery.Yes Gordon, the war has been totally lost,the only answer with respect to taking back Jamaica is a total onslaught and offensive based on proper intelligence regarding these terrorists controlling the garrisons, which in essence are the incubators for most of the crime and violence being realized by the society.Certainly,economic development,social intervention,skills training, beautification,investment in human capital,community development etc. are extremely important in the steps or stages/process of degarrisonization,but it is also categorically imperative, that law enforcement authorities, in conjunction with the citzenry, and the political elites must be extremely and categorically resolute, with regard to seriously dismantling these quasi states in Jamaica.Interestingly,the role of force throughout history has been a very important one, and if this degarrisonization requires a preponderance of force to control and take back such communities and return Jamaica to a civilized state of order,so be it.RESPECT!!

  • LOL @ Estaban

    Estaban, while there is nothing new to what you have just said – I am trying to wonder why you had to use so much big words to same the same thing over and over …

    What is funny though is that you have no taken this pessimistic viewpoint of Jamaica’s future particularly as it relates to crime and violence.

    I am a 100% you were one of the main campaigners for the now government. Not to say Bruce or Portia can rid the crime instantly, but the way you placed the JLP on a pedestial – believed and embodied them frightens me!

    If you can take this stance, then what am I to do? I mean I welcomed change for several reasons but the most popular blogger throughout the election period is now eating his words?

    Dude honestly, I am appalled… what happen you dont think they will achieve the 40% reduction again?

    Then again, we have all been evading the issue of crime and violence -both Government and Opposition. But Estaban I think I need to pinch myself and wake up…. cuz ur post must be a dream!

  • http://townecrier.wordpress.com/ Townecrier

    There are two solutions to our crime problem.

    1- turn Jamaica into a ‘police state’. This is the route we seem to be going down.

    2- recognise that poverty breeds crime. it does, not all poor people will turn to crime but it will make many do. So we need to follow the example of barbados, cover up the crime stats and show other things on the news, and whore ourselves out to tourism. and when we get our boost there, crime can drop as more legitimate jobs are created.

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