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That Bolt Hit Everyone…Congrats

Let’s face it Usain Bolt is one conceited fellow, but whoever said that’s a bad thing.  He doesn’t even consider the 100 meters his best race. “I wasn’t really looking for a world record, but it was there for the taking,” Those are the statements of an egotistic man, take it from someone who knows.

But i’m proud of him, no one expected it, Asafa must be real astonished right now, right Asafa? Him Beating  your score and looking at it as one big joke, and you worked so hard for it. Bolt considered this run a “speed work” for his favorite race the 200m.

Congrats are in order though, Bolt everyone’s so proud of you they didn’t even take the time to point out your whimsical remarks…

On another note, how big of a coincidence is it that both of these awesome athletes(Asafa Powell and Usain Bolt), have some peculiar names in relation to Atheltics..i mean seriously Asafa..Afasa?…can be translated to fast or whatever and Bolt…as in lighting bolt which happens in the blink of an eye…i mean seriously what’s next Thunder? Sheesh.

Once again, Good Run Bolt we’re all proud even though you think this accomplishment is trivial.

Written by Gordon Swaby

Gordon Swaby

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    Superb performance Mr. Usain Bolt.Nuff respect and congratulations.

  • Chedha ha ha

    I suppose i’m destined to be a cheesemaker, or make lots of money…or both.

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