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Kern Spencer Jailed

layout1_1_p4ilqspencerbam.jpgOne of the most talked about things this week. The dude’s now a celebrity, i had no idea who he was prior to the whole light bulb issue, “Bulbie” as Stunner dubbed him is a star. I don’t want to be quick to judgment, but there’s many more like him in parliament, i doubt they’ll get caught if they are in the JLP camp though, Bruce isn’t going to rat out one of his own to tarnish the integrity of their party (or himself), instead they’ll tarnish the opposition’s rep by snitching on one of there own. Portia must be devastated about the whole thing, but i think she’s still calm seeing as her baby Phillip Paulwell is still free as a bird.

It’s good to have a balance, so when PNP is in power again they won’t hesitate in ratting out on all the Shady characters in the JLP camp, god i don’t want to know how screwed up the country would be if it was communist, or maybe I’m wrong.

Now what’s annoying me is the fact that people are actually in support of Bulbie afterall he’s done, how naive can Jamaican people be; they are always the ones asking for Justice, and always say that the rich don’t get in trouble, it’s always poor people, and now that a “Rich” Man is prosecuted they’re are annoyed, you can’t seem to please these people can you.

A wise someone once told me that Poor People “tief” and Rich People commit “Fraud”.

If Kern does get bail i hope he gets some good lovin’ in prison before he’s free.

Sucks to be you know doesn’t it Bulbie?, every dog has it’s day. Loooossser,”L”

Kern Spencer


Written by Gordon Swaby

Gordon Swaby

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  • http://mythoughtsonstuff.com Leon

    I can’t believe it too. People are willing to block roads for him. I’m glad he got jailed. Finally the long arm of the law reaches parliament.

  • http://www.advance-gamers.com Gordon Swaby

    I don’t think it had anything to do with the law reaching parliament really, it was just JLP’s way of proving a point to the PNP, politicians seem to be in a world all by themselves

  • Esteban Agosto Reid

    Kleptocrat Kern Spencer jailed is a monumental achievement and day in the annals of Jamaican jurisprudence.Hopefully,this is the beginning of the cleaning up or the sanitization of the pervasive,ubiquitous and mal-odorous stench of corruption endemic to the Jamaican parliament, irrespective of which party constitutes the government.Indeed,a great day for Jamaica and its people, although one is of the perspective that Kleptocrat Kern Spencer is just the fall guy or sacrificial lamb for a political party that has written the handbook or manual on kleptocracy and corrupt behaviour and practices in Jamaica while espousing the virtues of transparency,probity,accountability,and good governance.How interesting!Supposedly, this can be taxonomized as one of the irony of history.

  • http://longbench.wordpress.com Long Bench

    Esteban – you love keep company wid dem forty dolla’ word deh, eeh? Dem sweet me do’ h, bredren. Seriously though, Kern’s bad behaviour is mild and totally transparent compared to some of the other ones. Why? we can actually see, without doing any work, who get the money. Instead, let’s use this case to start counting the ways that smaddy can tief govament money; we can even go back in time — housing foolishness, the land bizness, the cement bizness, what else? Mek we count dem and call name too!

    But I do feel sorry for him – poor ting! You see that picture of him today coming out of jail? Here he was, star bwoy, being groomed to climb the ladders of politricks, and learn say as long as the higher ups alright or turn dem head, any three can play. And now this. I imagine that many others of our (Kern and mine) generation are looking at this and shaking dem head, an’ a say that all government is corrupt. In fact, when we stepped into public service, we made a choice to continue the corruption. We can also make a choice to not continue it. Sure, we will be hated by many, but I really don’t think that public service is supposed to be a popularity contest. And it not supposed to be easy tiefings either.

  • LG

    Why its all good and thing that a politican have been caught with his hands in the cookie jar and there seems to be some amount of effort being made to make the public see the PNP reputation being drag in the mud, we ought to ask ourself what next? Will he be allowed back in society and if not will justice takes place as if it was a regular man being charge?

    Or will be be once again be opened to something such as the case where we had with Neito Meeks, son of the Professor Brian Meeks? Will social class determine Kern’s freedom? And what about Philip Paulwell?

    Perhaps it is as Kern’s lawyer puts it, “this is witch hunt” and as such puts forth the point that the JLP are trying to score political points.

  • Esteban Agosto Reid

    @ LG. Certainly,due process of law will be exercised and applied with respect to Mr. Kern Spencer,Mr. Rodney Chin, and Ms. Coleen Wright.Hopefully, the justice system will or should be able to provide a fair, impartial, just, equitable, professionally administrative and procedural application of the laws of the island, with respect to the various charges levelled against this trio in the Cuban light bulb imbroglio.And indeed, let the chips fall where they may.If the justice system finds them guilty, and the consequences of such charges entail incarceration,then so be it.If they are absolved and exonerated of such charges by the state after having their proverbial day in court, then so be it. Definitely, “hired guns” such as the attorneys for Mr. Kern will try to politicize the case by labelling it a “witch hunt” in terms of the ruling party trying to score political points.Also, political ideologues,dogmatist and doctrinaire types will espouse and advocate views, that the ruling party is trying to tarnish and sully the image of the Opposition which interestingly has already been tarnished.Quite frankly, in a politically, cleavaged,segmented, and tribalised political culture as Jamaica,one would be extremely surprised if such views did not manifest or rear their ugly heads,especially, in a historically legal case,as the one about to unfurl on the society.Notwithstanding, please be mindful of the fact that Mr. Spencer, et al had choices, and the choices they made were not foisted on the group by the ruling party.Had Mr. Spencer made the appropriate choices and conducted himself in a manner suggesting integrity, transparency,probity,honesty,and a general sense of good governance,the likelihood that he would be facing these charges as enumerated by the Jamaican state would be very slim.Also, had the PNP not promulgated a culture of corruption over the last eighteen and a half years of their administration,despite the vacuous rhetoric spewed daily by the hierarchy including senior ministers the likes of Mr. Pillip Paulwell about virtue,morality,truthfulness,equity,and honourableness, the society would not be facing the challenges of trying to eradicate and sanitize the pervasive incidence and rancid stench of corruption.That today, globally speaking, we are viewed as a kleptocratic state.Having articulated this perspective,let me categorically state, if the same behavior transpired under a PNP administration, or for that matter even under the current JLP administration, with respect to charges being levelled against a JLP politician, such a politician should also be charged by the relevant legal administering bodies or authorities if the evidence suggests sundry forms of improprieties, and of course allowed to exercise his or her legal right with respect to due process of law.All Jamaicans from all walks of life,socio-economic,political,and religious background should and must have a vested interest in trying to eradicate corruption within the society, as opposed to hiding behind political parties and trying to condone and rationalize this behavior, which in all honesty has become the cancer eating away at Jamaica’s development with respect to the proper rationalization, allocation, and efficacious utilization of sundry resources for the development of the society and its people.

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