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Predictions for Jamaica in 2008

UPDATE on Tsunami, i posted saying we’re gonna get a Tsunami and what do you know, Some religious buff posted something about us getting a Tsunami too, i’m not the religious one, but what’s the coincidence, read the article here. Note i’ve ever heard about this religious peeps,and her thing was posted in the paper the day after my post was made Mine was Jan 3; hers was Jan 4

Well i have mixed feelings about events that are going to take place in 2008 here goes, it’s all negative though, i truthfully could not find any positives, feel free to contribute your positives or critiz my predictions; be the optimist

  1. Tourism arrivals are going to decline: America is in a recession right now; plus they have terrorism to deal with, Americans aren’t going to have time to take Vacations, there going to want to take care of things back home, there dollar is going to become useless.
  2. A Tsunami is going to cover us; don’t ask me why, i just have a wierd feeling about it, earthquake occurrences are becoming more frequent.
  3. Remittance from abroad will fall, most of our remittance comes from the US, there dollar is going to become useless, most Jamaicans depend on remittance to live, what happens if it stops coming?
  4. Crime is going to get even worse, the economy is going to experience some real challanges
  5. Bruce Golding is going to greatly dissapoin his fellow Jamaicans
  6. We’re going to get the full brunt of a hurricane this year

That’s basically it, it’s like a chain reaction, one problem is going to cause another. It makes no sense trying to be optimistic and hope for the best.


Written by Gordon Swaby

Gordon Swaby

Founder and CEO of social learning service EduFocal.com. I’m passionate about technology, the internet and the use of technology in education. I am a recipient of Governor General’s Youth Award, the PSOJ’s 50 Under 50 Award, The commonwealth Youth Award and many others.

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  • http://www.youngmdg.com/jyan Jae

    quite negative indeed. … but I guess thats how u see things .. and how the media has managed to disseminate information to you .. If cash plus dont crash then the impact on the economy wont be so bad … the economy normally grow under JLP government they say .. just that they do not consider the other aspects of things …

    if community come together then crime can reduce …. i think the economy mite grow a lil more this fiscal year…

    but there are lots to look out for .. but a tsunami .. man dont pray for it .. lol

  • http://experienceaurie.wordpress.com Aurie

    Wow dude! Doom and gloom. Mi hope seh yuh a nuh psychic!! Cleo cousin named Leo. I know that tings nah look too hot rightcha now inna Jamaica, but mi hafi think seh something good has got to happen in JA for 2008. I got an idea from something I’ve been paying attention to on the tourism tip. I’m going to try to post on it soon.

  • http://www.advance-gamers.com Gordon Swaby

    I need your expertise on the future of America right now, seeing as your a Finance buff and all, so?

  • http://experienceaurie.wordpress.com Aurie

    give me a little bit before i post on that. i have to get my info together. i’ve been mulling over a post about the credit problems in america and even had some great input from my dad. that’s in the works. i gotta get myself together with my posts.

  • http://www.advance-gamers.com Gordon Swaby

    Alright, notify me when that is completed

  • http://www.jamaipanese.com Jamaipanese

    far too negative youngster

    “most Jamaicans depend on remittances”…that aint true…you paint a far too negative picture of your homeland…how can we correct anything with such a negative outlook?

  • http://www.advance-gamers.com Gordon Swaby

    It has a fact, it has been proven, that’s how Majority of J’cans get money, if it’s not from the USA, it’s from England or Canada, and the small minority in Cayman

  • http://onthecorner.wordpress.com jammy

    Sounds like murphy’s law – the Jamaican version
    When the American dollar rebounds… it will be a lot stronger – MARK MY WORDS!
    The economy has been experiences real challenges since independence. More so since Michael Manley left the helm.
    As for Bruce, no need to worry about him disappointing people in 2008, he already got a jump start on that one.
    As for that hurricane.. I will be optimistic. Jamaica doesn’t need one of those right now. Maybe in 3 years time. LMFAO… (Fingers crossed)
    Lets hope that Asafa wins that Olympic medal, Junior gong wins an OSCAR (Yes I said oscar) or something spectacular happens in the entertainment biz for Jamaica because that seems like the only avenue that gonna increase the flow of foreign currency in the country. Mi nuh know? Dats my 3 cents!

  • http://stunner101.blogspot.com Stunner

    LOL Prophet Gordon Swaby pronounces doom upon Jamaica!

  • http://www.owensoft.net owen

    Tsunami? I though I was crazy but your a mad man

  • Esteban Agosto Reid

    Hey Gordon,I am of the view that things will not be as bad as predicted by you. Be a little bit more optimistic. If as a people and society, we can decrease the high incidence of crime extant in Jamaica today, many things will start to get better,look better and feel better.Crime is paralyzing us as a society.Do not worry about events like tsunamis!!Also,a lot of these doom and gloom prophets across the island are creating fear and excessive anxieties in the minds of the Jamaican people.If for some reason, we experienced some tragedy or severe natural disaster, as a people we are very resilient and would /should be able to bounce back. But right now alleviating and eradicating crime should be our number one priority for the year 2008.Relax my yute, Jamaica will survive, we just need to focus our energies on the crime issue. RESPECT!!

  • http://www.advance-gamers.com Gordon Swaby

    Yah Yah Yah, be all optimistic, people have been making speeches like those for along time Estaban, and you know what’s been happening? Prices are rising, Crime is getting worse, the country is getting worse, but nobody wants to talk about it, it’s like someone taking cocaine to temporarily remove them selves from this world, and they do it over and over until there destroyed

  • http://mythoughtsonstuff.com Leon

    Well the arrivals and remittances are a big “duh,” ’cause of the recession. I think your Bruce Golding prediction is purely out of bias. As for the tsunami and hurricane, I really hope they don’t happen.

  • Esteban Agosto Reid

    Yes Gordon, you are right. Nonetheless, keep hope alive. RESPECT!!

  • http://www.advance-gamers.com Gordon Swaby

    I’ll try my best, i’ll take the coc but not alot

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  • http://cooldestiny.wordpress.com CoolDestiny

    I think she stole it from your blog! It shouldn’t be all doom and gloom though. There is a lot of positive in our land.

  • http://taylor2nd.animesynergy.com taylor2nd

    Forget the predictions keep doing what you doing if it had yo being productive in 2007. It seems like you were being productive so you shouldn’t have a problem in 2008.

    Every one makes a big thing about a new year.. what you should ask your self is how is January the first of any year different from any other day.

  • Jermaine Edwards

    I believe that the tsunami can come to Jamaica . I was in the Cayman Islands 2004 September cant forget it.
    I remember clearly that I was at church when a young man the Lord God use to tell us that something bad was going to take place on the Island I was right there when it all took place before my eyes.
    the storm was very bad. So if more than one persons are getting the dream about it let us pray look to Jesus for help.
    I believe the God have something for us as a people the Lord love us
    and want us to come back to him.

  • http://www.advance-gamers.com Gordon Swaby

    Who Knows….Don’t think the lord gave me any message though

  • J.C

    Well we are all fucking screwed !!i think the world is going to end this year. I think we should just stop tryin to save this country as a matter of fact the whole world cause bwoy a dem last days deh weh dem talk bout inna di bible. I know i sound really pessimistic and apocalyptic but a so me see it.
    Repent before its too late y’all.

  • Gavin Price

    The Lord works in mysterious ways your predictions may be him speaking through you or you may just be a in depth thinker who sights these reprocotion of the present situations in the country and by far the world. I believe this country is about to get a wake up call to much evil is going on here corruption, murder, rape, thief etc. The first place which had similar problems like we are having is Sodom and Gomorrah which was destroyed. I hope and i am sure others hope it doesn’t reach so far. With regards to the economy i am no economist but there seems to be no settling of the economy so its either it crashes or the world powers do something the alleviate this. The weather is unpredictable but of lately with the surfacing of Global Warming the unpredictable weather has become predictable. So the only way i see that we can slow these problems :

    1. Get start producing less gas now not 5 to 10 yrs later and use alternative energy immediately too much damn red tape.
    2. In Jamaica eliminate the political parties and have a united party which works based on consensus and ensure a a body of civilians are put in place to assess each member of parliement on their contribution to nation building and ensure they have jurisdiction to challenge the members position.
    3. All the criminals should b sent to a secluded island and left to fend for themselves and kill them one another when i reach the age to officially pay taxes i don’t feel my money should be paying people to stay somewhere free of cost.

    This Blog is a good idea for persons the express there views in a civil manner. I hope after the promotion of it in today’s newspaper govt persons would read our views. Keep up the good work with the blog.

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