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I Salute You Mr.Herbert Henry McKenley

  Like Jamaipanese i’ve been meaning to write a post about the great Herb…the human high; i guess that’s an inside joke only a few will understand it, anyhow i’m not the biggest track fan, heck i don’t even know what a 100m or 200m is, but not knowing anything about athletics does not give me a good excuse to not mention the Great Herb Mckenley on this prestigious  ole’ blog of mine.

I might not know anything about tracks, but i know a good man when i see one, i really salute him for staying in Jamaica, i’m sure many countries tried to buy him, apparently money wasn’t his first priority, unlike many Jamaican athletes nowadays,they see a million dollars flashed in front of them and BAM, they give up there precious citizen immediately, YOU sir are patriot indeed, you did your task, you did what was required of you, and as far as i know your as great a man as Bob Marley. Your one of the many reasons i’m proud to be Jamaican, i hope a blogger may say the same about me someday, i hope to be as important and prestigious as you, rest in piece Hero, you will be greatly missed by us all, sporting and non sporting fans alike.

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Gordon Swaby

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  • http://experienceaurie.wordpress.com Aurie

    Mi rate him too. I go to Penn Relays almost every year here in Philadelphia, PA and there is still alot of talk about this great Jamaican national figure (not just sports) but in general. He is truly a remarkable man and we should all be absolutely proud of him and aspire to acheive greatness like he has.

  • http://www.advance-gamers.com Gordon Swaby

    Well said, i couldn’t have said it better myself

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