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It’s September…… Jamaican Election is 2 days away

Wow, time sure flies now with this post “September 2007” will be added to my Blog Archives====>. Anyhow, it’s September 1 and Cable And Wireless hasn’t sent me any credit *Takes up phone to call customer care*. Now something big will happen 2 days from now, make sure to go out and vote y’all, don’t be stupid and say stuff like “My vote wont change anything”. Imagine a 100 people saying that; it’s not likely that your vote will be the deciding vote, but it will surely help so do us all a favor, VOTE

Now i would vote, but the thing is…i’m underage, they should lower the voting, put it to 16 or something. God, if election was next year…..hmm. Anyhow fellow bloggers please: Taylor, Kurk, Jamaican Girl, Leon, Bobby, Shonari and anyone else i forgot to mention.

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P.S i promised you hurricane pictures a while back…well here they are (http://flickr.com/photos/gordonoswaby/sets/72157601531770882/) Nothing hot, but there ok…cheers

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Gordon Swaby

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  • http://hecklefind.wordpress.com/ bobby

    I can assure you i will it being my birthday and all that ….. it will be a green day for me ringing the 4th……. lol lol

  • http://www.jamaipanese.com Jamaipanese

    I’m not voting this time around, I don’t trust Bruce, but I thing certain members on his team would work hard for Ja…at least initially. I like Portia but I think she lacks certain leadership qualities and my member of parliament is a guy I have never seen in the area in the 9 years I have lived here (Paulwell).

    I am also just tired of all the election talk, hype and nonsense, who wins I don’t really care I just want the country to focus on growth and prosperity for ALL

  • http://www.advance-gamers.com Gordon Swaby

    Awwwwww, that’s so touching Jamaipanese……..I dont give a f***:p you better go and vote anyway, go vote for Portia then, who knows she’ll probably get smarter and gain leadership qualities, and she’ll probably get rid of paulwell…eventually i think.

    And bobby that’s a good boy uhm.. i mean man. And happy birthday when it comes. i knew it was your birthday read it on your blog:)

  • http://nuffcrap.com Shonari

    I think jp is right, initially things will change (which is what we need). i think the pnp has gotten tired and lazy, the need a break to “go back to their roots”. As mutty would say “change is good, but what type of change, if the pnp is voted back into power there will be change (a apple rotting is change too)”.

    I wont be voting but i hope that the people choose wisely and not based on personal preference but on the merits of the party. Not the leader as that is only one person but as a body of Jamaicans working for the greater good of the country.

    PS respect to GS for helping me with my blog transfer, more JCANS need to be like u…bless

  • http://www.advance-gamers.com Gordon Swaby

    No Problem Shonari

  • http://jamaicangirl2007.wordpress.com/ Jamaican Girl

    No…never took it personally….all is cool..just giving you some of your own medicine:)

  • http://www.advance-gamers.com Gordon Swaby

    :)….lol Giving me some of my own medicine? hehehehe

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