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Hmm…..Best of Luck To Everyone throughout the Hurricane

Well it seems to be getting dark now, i’m sorta anxious for the hurricane to do it’s damage and leave us alone, this is probably my last post until after the hurricane i’m considering packing my computer up and moving it downstairs in a room where there’s no windows.anyhow, i’ll have pics for everyone to show the damage that has been done; before and after the hurricane.

Hang in there Fellow Jamaicans we’ll pull through

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Gordon Swaby

Founder and CEO of social learning service EduFocal.com. I’m passionate about technology, the internet and the use of technology in education. I am a recipient of Governor General’s Youth Award, the PSOJ’s 50 Under 50 Award, The commonwealth Youth Award and many others.

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  • Brian

    It is now 7:07 the first drops of rain has fallen. Cant wait for the heavy showers!

  • http://www.advance-gamers.com Gordon Swaby

    Lol, you seem anxious dude

  • http://stunner101.blogspot.com Stunner

    Well, stay safe and keep your pc safe! It’s going to be a ruff ride this weekend!

  • http://www.advance-gamers.com Gordon Swaby

    I always use extra protection when things get dangerous:P

  • http://www.jamaipanese.com Jamaipanese

    slight breeze and a few raindrops outside my window…the sky looks a little crazy with some cool looking clouds and colours….it has begun…

  • http://mythoughtsonstuff.com Leon

    Hang in there too dude! I’ll be praying for you.

  • zooms

    You probably don’t have any current right now but I just wanted to say that we hope you’re o. k. and ,although it may seem like the world has forgotten about Jamaica, we haven’t.

  • http://jamaicangirl2007.wordpress.com/ Jamaican Girl

    Wait…Gordon…yuh not back up yet man? Is what happening down in Manchester there? Still no light?

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