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Debate Tonight: Portia Simpson Miller (Prime Minister) Vs. Bruce Golding (Opposition Leader)

Tonight is the night I’ve been waiting for. Bruce Golding (Leader Of The JLP) and Portia Simpson ( President of the People’s National Party And Prime Minister Of Jamaica) Miller will face off tonight in a national debate. I’ve wanted this for a long time now. And i wont miss a second of it. At first as i was skeptical about the Jamaica Labour Party’s success in the General Election but that is starting to change. At this moment in time, The JLP has a good chance to get the win they’ve been longing for. I really think Portia is going to make an ass of herself tonight, but who am i to judge.

We’ll just have to wait and see the outcome.

I’ll have updates after the debate.

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    Nothing surprised me….everyone spoke and expressed themself the way I expected. Portia did better than I thought she would….but who were the debates for?

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