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American Critique of Jamaican Debates

As a conservative American who is often skeptical about the Labour Party, even I have to admit that Bruce Golding is the obvious victor in this battle of words.
His opponent and incumbent, Portia Simpson Miller was in simple terms was not in position to effectively represent her People’s National Party. As Bruce Golding spent the night citing various examples, facts and statistics, her responses were limited
to motherly rants of emotion, by that I mean completely void of substance. In online terms, she was ranting. Perhaps she was unaware that a debate was going on? In America, emotions do not get you very far. You must attack the opponent and prove them wrong, not whine about love and nurturing.

As I mentioned, I am one to question the Labour Party, and with Bruce Golding, there is no exception. The Labour Party has a history of raising taxes after stating otherwise, but he seemed set to finding hidden funds and using wise spending earned through interest. Another concern would be his mention of nationalization. Nationalization is not the answer.
By reducing restrictions the government could allow for more competition in the market place and allow other Jamaican based companies compete, therefore lowering the prices, opening up new jobs and solving part of the economic problem that plagues the country. However neither side seemed to realize this. Simpson-Miller however displayed an ease at holding a relationship with dictator Hugo Chavez, while Golding
was hesitant. I am saying this not just because I am an American, but who would you rather deal with. America, full of ready investors? Or Chavez where inflation is at the highest point in South America. So for this I commend Golding.

Again, since I am American I do not live in the full state as the countrymen of Simpson-Miller and Golding, I can not personally say who you should vote for. I have second thoughts about Golding’s socialistic policies and past experiences of the Labour Party, however the incumbent displayed no idea of what was going on. She seemed to think the people would just give her the election. Due to the Chavez comments and his handling of the debate in the entirety, I would have to endorse (hesitantly) Mr. Golding.

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Written by Gordon Swaby

Gordon Swaby

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