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My Thoughts On…….Akon’s so called “Dry Rape” *Leon Style:P*

During an April 12 concert in Trinidad, Akon announced a “dance contest” that featured a grand-prize trip to Africa, but the reward was not a trip to the Continent of Africa. Akon announced that he was “Africa” and proceeded to simulate multiple aggressive sexual positions with the girl as the crowd cheered.


Alright i dont see the big deal here; i must admit Akon was wrong by misleading the peoplebut what the hell it’s just a part of the concert. What i dont get is how the hell was this girl admitted into the concert she was 14 *Can anyone say Id*. Now the freakin media is all down on my favorite artist…leave him the fuck alone the girl should have known what she was getting herself into anyway take a look at the video hehe

Akon Zen - The most amazing home videos are here

Written by Gordon Swaby

Gordon Swaby

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