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Jamaican People Now Have There own “Media”

Yes and your apart of it. A few years back you would not find the average Jamaican “videoing” stuff that’s happening on the street or taking pictures, but now there able to do so. Everyone must have heard what happened at Duhaney park In Kingston the other day, the news had there pics but decided to block them out because they claimed that it was too “disturbing”(I didn’t find it disturbing btw). But people would see them regardless, some intelligent chap decided to take some pictures and put them on the web so that the weakhearted stronghearted folks could view it.

Now,I was watching the news earlier on today(Yes Jamaican news) and they were showing something that caught my eye,to my surprise i saw this dude with his phone showing the police beating the shit out of a taxi-man. The police had no case:P regardless of what they said. In the next few years or so, almost everyone will have a camera phone or a digital camera so everyone can share what is happening around them….watch out mainstream media.

Written by Gordon Swaby

Gordon Swaby

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  • http://www.owensoft.net owen

    man is like every accident nowadays pics start send round by the evening as it happen. not to mention the going-ons of certain high school children

  • http://www.advance-gamers.com Gordon Swaby

    Lol i certainly like the ‘going-ons’of dem High School Girls

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