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What?…..they found Jesus’s Bone Remains

I’ve been a bit empty on what to write about in the last few days but somehow i feel replenished and i’m rearing to go again. Firstly i have not had Internet for the last few days because the phone bill was not payed(which was a mistake). Anyway enough about that onto the interesting stuff

Now discovery channel recently advertised that some dude found the remains of Jesus. I was like “WTF, I have to watch this”, i ended up watching the first bit then realised it was a bunch of bullshit; the dude was constantly contradicting himself so i turnd off the tele and went to my Bed dissapointed thinking i was going to actually learn something. These relegious related stuff usually interest me but this one surely didn’t. I read what my acquaintance Leon had to about this touchy subject and found it interesting, you can have a read by going HERE

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Gordon Swaby

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    Thanks for the mention dude.

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    No Problem. And your yet to add me to your links Leon

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