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2,800-year-old mummy found with a huge sack of weed :)

That is pretty funny i guess people were into “puff the magic dragon” way back then.

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Written by Gordon Swaby

Gordon Swaby

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  • http://www.jamaipanese.com Jamaipanese

    yow.. 2800 year old!

    yuh si how long ganja a run tingz

  • http://www.advance-gamers.com Gordon Swaby

    Lol,yup i bet it was a big money maker back then

  • http://taylor2nd.animesynergy.com taylor

    yo thats some funnyshit.. ain nothing wrong with weed it keeps you for thousands of years. lol

  • http://www.advance-gamers.com Gordon Swaby

    Yah but he diead at about 40 lol i guess the weed killed him c’mon that’s a freakin big bag

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