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Why Are Macs Becoming More Popular?

Apple and its Macintosh computers have been the subject of increasing attention, especially over the past few years.  In fact, during that period many Windows and Linux users have purchased their first Mac.  The trend has gained momentum over the past few years and Apple earlier this indicated that their tracking data shows that 50 percent of new Macs sold in Apple retail locations are sold to those who are New to Mac Why have Macintosh computer sales risen over the past few years?

If you ask recent Mac purchasers, reasons for purchasing a Mac will range from an ever-growing frustration with Windows to reasons that say a Mac is elegant, it’s hip, or it’s just cool to own a Mac.  Why have people come to accept the Mac with greater enthusiasm?  All you have to do is read the latest headlines or visit a packed Apple retail location and you’ll come to the realization that the Mac is becoming more popular with today’s consumers.  Another indicator would be to visit a local coffee shop, library, airport, or college campus and you’ll see a higher concentration of Macs.  Of course, many people in any given Apple retail store are there to purchase an iPod but you can’t ignore the hard facts that Macintosh sales are on the rise.  Apple’s market share is on the rise and net data demonstrates that Safari use is climbing.  Apple’s upcoming October 18, 2006 Q4 2006 earning announcement should provide additional insight into recent Mac unit sales.

A few though provoking questions come to mind:

  1. Has the popularity of the iPod and iTunes Music Store made people “Apple aware” and encouraged them to consider a Mac as their next computer purchase?
  2. Could it be the inherent “coolness” factor of owning a Mac?  Let’s just say that Apple has historically made some of the most eye-catching computers, you know those systems that get people to take a second look.  This is especially true of the aluminum encased MacBook Pro and Mac Pro.
  3. Could it be Mac OS X, Apple’s advanced operating system and easy to use software such as iLife?
  4. Did Apple’s switch to Intel processors help break the misconception that Macs are more expensive, underpowered, and incomparable to their PC counterparts?
  5. Has Boot Camp beta made the Mac the one stop platform?  Boot Camp beta allows Intel based Macs the ability to boot into both Mac OS X and Windows.
  6. Did the introduction of the Mac mini in January 2005 with a starting price of $500 (now under $600) finally give people a reason to try a Mac?
  7. Is Apple’s “Get a Mac” advertising campaign playing a role, is it a revitalized switch campaign?

Whatever the reason and motives aside, it’s a well known fact that the Mac and OS X are becoming a more popular option for today’s consumers and businesses.  Now is a great time to make the switch.  Apple’s Intel based Macs in conjunction with Mac OS X offer the features, options, and cutting edge software for today’s digital computing lifestyle.

What’s your take?  I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Via, http://arstechnica.com/journals/apple.ars/2006/10/13/5605 

Written by Gordon Swaby

Gordon Swaby

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