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Finally,The errors have stopped

Well after about a Month of errors on Advance-Gamers it seemed to have finally stopped. I have no idea why we were seeing these errors as AG uses static code,meaning the code doesn’t change. But after seeing the errors  countless amount of times i decided to contact NgPixel(Head Developer Over at Pixel2life).

He went on the inside had a look and said it was all good, and from that point on i never saw the errors again, i asked him what he did, he said he did’nt do a thing, and i believe him because Malicious and I tried everything,anyway i’m glad that’s over now, i can finally get back to working on the site. I feel so relieved, if i ever see those errors again i’m sure i’ll go insane.

Written by Gordon Swaby

Gordon Swaby

Founder and CEO of social learning service EduFocal.com. I’m passionate about technology, the internet and the use of technology in education. I am a recipient of Governor General’s Youth Award, the PSOJ’s 50 Under 50 Award, The commonwealth Youth Award and many others.

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    Those errors….those errors…THOSE ERRORS! Yeah I’m glad they are gone, lots of the time when I was commenting on things like in the gfx closet, the error would come up. It was very frustrating, but yeah like I said I’m glad they’re gone. Oh yeah I like coco pops by the way.

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